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June 4, 2019
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Your gifts will free app commercials and will also assist me in continuing to update applications. For unlocking or donating HTTPS:/, buy this?ID= org.grew.donate IMPORTANT NOTES:-Absolute file trajectory can not be shared from Nougat (Android 7.0) and therefore some images shared from other applications can not be loaded into this application. This is going to be a rampant problem for each Nougat+ app. In this case, you need to post the photo from some other app or load it from the built-in image pickers.

Reduce your selfie 3 MB to 600 KB with virtually no obvious quality loss or convert

Some uses :

– You clicked a selfie and share it with friends in a reduced size to your desired KBS. Example reduce JPG of 1 MB to 50 KB.

– Want to reduce the image to desired percent size of the original. Example reduce 1 MB JPG to 20% of its size.

– NOT just JPG it handles many types of images and converts them to RPG and allows custom size reduction. Example reduce BMP of MB to custom KB JPG.

– You don’t know much technical details just want to reduce size? You get options to reduce size by percent or KB without changing resolution.

– Reduce to whatever KB you need by allowing resolution changes.

– You captured screenshot but its size is high. Let this app convert that to JPG and also reduce its size.

– Reduce sizes of many images in bulk or batch.

– Select images which are of less priority and reduce their sizes. If satisfied delete original files and keep converted ones.

– Convert images to most common formats. Convert images even in bulk or batch.

– Strip JPG metadata like Exit. It can strip exit in bulk. Anyone can know location & time of picture by using EX IF and JPEG comments. For keeping privacy this feature is helpful. Move images to internal storage to enable editing them otherwise copies are made.

– It can also strip comment, color profiles, IPTC, ICC, XMP.


– Original file deletion in bulk will not be supported. Its risky it must remain total user’s responsibility.

– To pick images use a gallery app like Quickie. Because some gallery apps do not return absolute image path and this app has to make a copy of an image.

– By default images are not added into a gallery to prevent multiple copies which creates confusion when you see them in gallery!. You must use a FileManager.

– Do not keep input folder = Output folder. Doing this overwrites original images. NEVER DO IT!. Better is to keep default output folder i.e. app_data/ImageSizeReducer

– Keep the app running until images are processed. If the home button is pressed get back to the app using recent apps list. Pressing icon from the launcher can start new copy of app not old. This is useful to do multiple tasks.

App as Image Converter

– Converts lots of image formats to jpg, webp, tiff, BMP, gif, png. It is powered by ImageMagick ( ImageMagick is product and copyright of ImageMagick Studio LLC ).

– Many of these formats are supported: aai, art, arw, avs, bmp, cmyk, cmyka, crw, cur, dcm, dcr, dcx, dcx, dds, dib, djvu, dng, dpx, fax, fits, gif, gray, hdr, ico, info, inline, jng, jp2, jpg, jpt, j2c, j2k, jpeg, jxr, mat, miff, mono, mng, mrw, mtv, nef, orf, otb, p7, pam, palm, pbm, pcds, pcx, pdb, pef, pfm, pgm, picon, pict, pix, png, pnm, ppm, psd, ptif, pwp, raf, rgb, rgba, rfg, rla, rle, sct, sfw, sgi, sun, tga, tiff, tim, uil, uyvy, vicar, viff, webp, wpg, xcf, YCbCr, YCbCrA, yuv

Not all formats are tested. Especially encoding can fail in some formats.

What's new

- Added consent form for European users for requirements of the EU ePrivacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Also applies to other similar laws on other places.

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